One of the Tracklify usages is tracking work which is committed into a version control system.

To simplify the spelling of commit messages we created tracklify CLI. This is the Command Line Interface tool which can help you with automating references to your current work in tracker APP.

As a prerequirement, on your PC you should have a Node Package Manager

To install tracklify CLI open your terminal emulator and run:

sudo npm i -g tracklify

To substitute current task which you are working on in Tracklify just use next command:

git commit -m `tracklify task`

If you want to add custom text after task reference, just add it after or before angle quotes:

git commit -m "did XX - `tracklify task`"

This will generate the commit message with a link and task title:

did XX

Anybody who will want to check task details will just click on the link in version control log. And you don't have to worry about thinking how to call your commits anymore.