A well known billionaire Elon Musk acknowledged that his teams work more then 80-hours per week. Otherwise it is impossible to chage a world:

If you want to move world forward and create one of the best teams ever you have to make your members understand that their impact on world is huge. But such motivation it is not enough sometimes. Another way to increase motivation level is creating a healthy competition between team members. To do this every member shoud feel himself a player of some big game.

Ready, set, go

First step to implementing suggested game is measuring all workers time which they spend daily. It is very simple and straightforward criteria.

Tracklify is a tool which was created exactly for measuring and comparing team working hours. Tracklify itself is a tool for tasks planning and management which is Kanban board where all assigned users receive tasks in simple time-tracking application. Tracking hours to tasks allows to create a various summary reports and compare working hours for each memeber.

One of the reports which allows members to see a competition is workspace summary report.

When and how much team works today?

Workspace summary includes two competition parts. First one is WORK TODAY:

All users are ranked by today working hours so everyone knows how many hours rest members work compared with his hours. Also report is very important for managers to understand common working time and see best time slots for team interaction.

How much team members works per day?

Second part is WORK LAST 14 DAYS.
The report includes daily timings for the last 14 days. Users are also ranked by total hours:

This report is good to see users overall effort and time contribution to project.

Who is a winner

Remember, that if you force team to work harder, you have to create a decent rewards. You might want to create an award for first places on daily/weekly/monthly reports or for example stimulate a sequences of uninterrupted days with working hours more then X hours per day.