There are a lot of managing tasks services that require entering time by hand by typing hours and minutes in some input. Even honest executor might lose a track of time, not because he is inattentive — he is just busy with a real task. Why he has to scatter attention on subtracting times? Tracklify starts and stops a stopwatch with one click.

Having all priorities and tasks in one list does not allow the executor to forget to switch a task because he has to look into the tracker to understand what he has to do next.

Tracklify allows you to concentrate on real work without spreading attention to tool usage.

Creating new tasks is also very simple. By managing work on PC you have to quickly process a screenshots (crop, highlight, edit, pixilize sensitive data etc), for doing this we have a buil-in image editor. Just press PrtScr, Ctrl+V, Enter when you are on board and you will see how fast could be process of creating a new tasks.

For executors who work with a version control system, we also have a Tracklify CLI

Stay fast, think about work, use tracklify