Productive delivery is about planning order in which tasks will be done.

The classic target of ordering tasks is the earlier unblocking of the other work. Some tasks should be done earlier to allow another executor to start working on another task and eliminate downtime making deliver process denser.

Hovever another very important point comes from neurophysiology. When the user completes any task he receives a portion of dopamine which makes him happier and hence more productive on the next task. He starts believing in himself and works better.

Have you seen how people get excited and begin to carry out tasks one by one without a break? And this is possible to achieve artificially — just place simpler tasks earlier in queue.

Tracklify allows flexible system of priorities because has a four levels of prioritisation.

Forth level - order in stage, lowest priority

Task located higher in stage will appear in tracker earlier:

Executor should start with most left task because he will see it first in tracker (assuming we look at content from left to right)

Third - order in flow

Tracklify follows the best Agile practicies which assume that already started tasks should be finished earlier. Thats why task which already moved to a next stage in flow apears earlier:

In case if there is two tasks are in one stage - they will be ordred using rule above - position in tage.

Second - project priority

Some executors might work on several projects at same time. Workspace settings allow to configure tasks from which project will appear earlier.
Also two projects might have same priorities, then project level simply does not affect on task position and they are ordered by third and forth levels.

First - Task priority field - most prioritive level

Sometimes you might want quickly increase a priority of a task ignoring all above rules or vice versa move it to the end of tasks.
For this you have to use Task priority field. It has next values:

  • Normal (Default value) - all tasks are not affected with this level and sorted by above levels
  • Low - task will move to the end of the list ignoring all levels above
  • High - higher then Normal
  • Extra - higher then High

Stay efficient and ordered Use Tracklify