When running app I am getting "Windows protected your PC". What should I do?

If you see the next message:

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

This happens in rare cases and is caused by the issues in Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

To solve the issue, just click "More info" and then click "Run anyway"

Click "More info" on Windows protected your PC when running Tracklify
Click Run anyway
Click Run anyway

After this Application will be started as normal

Is Tracklify software truly always free? Why?

Yes, unlike most task & time management tools, Tracklify Free plan has no limits on users and projects. Using modern highly scalable technologies allowed us to provide Tracklify to all users without limits. 

We could simply make it paid and probably would earn more, but first of all, we want you to be confident that Tracklify will be always free and it will be yours nevertheless your business revenue. This increases our chances to be recommended to more people. So, eventually, we will receive more clients. Having more clients would increase the chances for people to buy a Pro plan which provides some extra features that improve work performance even more and such peoples cover Product maintenance.

In a nutshell: Tracklify is free because users like you recommend it to other people.

What is "manual time" (offline time) and how to add it

Normally, you should use tracklify website or tracklify desktop app to track time aoutomatically. However, sometimes you might need to add some hours when you work away from PC. Or for example when you just forgot to start tracking. 

To do it you can use so called "manual time". So normal tracking is automatic, hence we call additionaly included time "manual". It is added by hands. Other systems also call it "offline time", but such name makes some confussion with absolutely different situation when tracker tracks time on offline computer (for example you are working in the flight).

To add manual time click on three dots button and click on the "Add manual time" option:

Add manual time feature in Tracklify
Add manual time feature in Tracklify
If you are project moderator (or workspace owner) then manual time will appear in reports and invoices instantly.If you are not moderator (for example you were invited by workspace owner), then your request will be sent to Project moderators. Once one of moderators will approve it, your time will be visible in reports and invoices.

How to invite a team members into Tracklify

Go to project to which you want to invite a new member and click white plus icon:

Invite user to Tracklify
Invite user to Tracklify

Then enter email of user whom you want to invite and click "Invite user" button:

Send invitation to Tracklify
Send invitation to Tracklify

After that user will receive an email with a signup link so he need to follow it and will join to your workspace:

You've been invited into workspace email
You've been invited into workspace email

Alternatively after you sent an invite, user can just sign in via Google or Facebook and he will also see an invite into your workspace.You can invite as many users as you need, and it is all for free (unless you need extra storage).  

Black screenshots in Linux (U)

If you see black rectangles on place of real screenshots then most likely your linux uses Wayland desktop manager (It is default in most recent Ubuntu distributins and much more). This issue is related to browser integration into OS and is not related to Tracklify. It happens in all productivity tools which use share screen feature (For example Google meets).

You can pretty easily overcome this issue using one of two ways:

1. Just switch from Wayland session to Xorg session on ubuntu login screen:

Switching to Ubuntu on Xorg
Switching to Ubuntu on Xorg

2. Alternatively, If you have no Xorg in your distro at all and don't want to install it, you could enable Pipewire protocol in your browser. For example in chrome just go to chrome://flags/#enable-webrtc-pipewire-capturer set it as enabled and restart chrome.